Selfless volunteers
serving in our church

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The High River Full Gospel church body has an amazing and vibrant volunteer group! We are so proud of our church community and how selfless they are. Volunteering at every level of our church.

All Volunteer Opportunities

We’re looking for people to help with things like Kitchen cleanup, Indoor Maintenance, Outdoor Maintenance, Garden cleanup etc.

Pastor David is looking for people that have a compassionate and loving heart to visit people that are lonely or in the hospital. These are usually accompanied with prayer time, laughter and a listening ear.

Would you like to help set up coffee and snacks for Sunday morning service? If so, this is for you!

We’re looking for people to be available to help with the Food Bank, First Responders etc. Let us know if you’d be interested helping win this area.

Do you like to smile? We’re looking for people that love shaking hands and kissing babies! Let us know if you’re interested in being on the Ushering team.

Are you a whiz when it comes to lighting and sound? Even if you’re not, but you’d like to help out with our multimedia team let us know. Maybe you have the photography / videography bug. Maybe you just want to be the person that every looks at when the sound starts making funny sounds. Let us know! 

Are you the kind of person that likes to make everything look good? We have some trees and bushes that need to be randomly placed around the stage and foyer. Christmas is also coming! If all of that got you excited, you’re probably meant to help out here!

We need help with Communion Prep once per month. This usually involves setting up a few tables and getting the communion bread and juice poured and cut up. Let us know if you’re interested in helping out here.

There's also a million things that happen around the church every day! We may have missed something!